Vaccines are one of the best ways to protect your horse. They are a vital component of every horse’s wellness and preventative care routine. At Advanced Equine of the Hudson Valley, our veterinarians can make vaccination recommendations specific to your horse’s individual needs!

Equine Vaccinations

1. Core Vaccines

Core vaccines are recommended for all horses by the American Association of Equine Practitioners. These vaccines protect horses from deadly and highly-contagious diseases and include:

2. Risk-based Vaccines

These are administered on a case by case basis depending on the individual horse’s probable risk of exposure, and our veterinarians can help you determine if your horse needs them!. Risk-based vaccines include:

How Do Vaccines Work?

A vaccine works by training the immune system to recognize and combat pathogens, either viruses or bacteria. To do this, certain molecules from the pathogen must be introduced into the body to trigger an immune response. These molecules are called antigens, and they are present on all viruses and bacteria.


Are Equine Vaccines Safe?

Vaccinations are an incredibly safe way to protect horses from very dangerous diseases. Adverse reactions, however, can occur, and are usually limited to a mild fever and swelling of the injection site. Our veterinarians will perform a thorough physical examination prior to administering vaccines to minimize chances of adverse reactions, and discuss with you any concerns you have, prior vaccine reactions your horse has had and a plan should a vaccine reaction occur. One really excellent reason to have a veterinarian administer vaccinations is to have this peace-of-mind!