Pre-Purchase Liability Agreement

To be completed by buyer:

    (buyer), hereafter “buyer” is the prospective purchaser of prospective purchaser’s agent. Buyer acknowledges that Advanced Equine of the Hudson Valley (Advanced Equine) including all veterinarians and staff members, have agreed to perform a pre-purchase examination at your request on the horse named (horse’s name) upon the terms and conditions of this agreement which includes a promise by buyer not to sue based upon buyer dissatisfaction with an executed purchase of the animal examined and identified in this agreement.

    Advanced Equine will perform a pre-purchase examination. The scope of the examination and the selection of diagnostic tests shall be determined by the buyer in consultation with veterinary staff from Advanced Equine. The veterinarian performing the examination will provide you with information on the overall health and condition of the horse on the day of the examination. The examination cannot fully predict prognosis for future health and soundness nor does it provide a warranty for the horse’s suitability for any current or future use or purpose. This examination doesnot encompass an in depth evaluation of thehorse's temperament, ability, or aptitude for a particular discipline. The veterinarian’s job is neither to “pass” nor “fail” the animal being examined. The determination to purchase the animal examined is the sole choice and responsibility of buyer.

    I have read this agreement, “Pre-purchase Examination –Liability Release Agreement,” and fullyunderstand its terms. I intend my signature to be a complete and unconditional liability release to Advanced Equine of the Hudson Valley.